Best Grooming Brushes & Tools Sensitive Horses Will Love

If your horse doesn’t enjoy a good groom, becoming anxious, pulls away, winces or fidgets there are a few things that may be going on for the horse.

  1.  The horse has separation anxiety being away from his horse buddies
  2.  The pressure applied when grooming is uncomfortable
  3.  The wrong tool or brush is being used causing discomfort
  4.  The tool or brush is too harsh
  5.  The horse isn’t used to being touched
  6. The horse is sore

If your horse is sensitive there are some great tools and brushes that you can use that will encourage your horse to relax and enjoy the experience.

The Wash & Groom Essentials Kit is has been tested on our sensitive horses, Freya and Chico with great success.  This is another reason we decided to create the grooming kit as most of the kits on the market are filled with brushes and tools you can’t use on sensitive horses!

What’s in the horse grooming kit your sensitive horse will love?


Horse Grooming Block:

  • The new way to brush, curry and de-shed loose fur from a sensitive horse!
  • The silicone block with rounded heads is perfect for sensitive, sore, thin skinned horses, or horse who don’t like being groomed.
  • Lifts dust, dirt, dander, sweat and loose fur from the coat without causing discomfort to the horse.

Grooming Chico with the horse grooming block

Mane & Tail Brush:

  • The perfect large paddle brush for a sensitive horse with fine or thick coarse hair.
  • Two different types of bristles; natural bristles to condition and smooth hair and nylon pins to detangle and volumize.
  • A gentle brush that doesn’t scratch, snag or pull and break the hair.
  • Gentle enough to give your horse’s favorite itchy spots a nice body scratch!.


  • A super absorbent soft cloth to mop up excess water and aid drying the horse.
  • Polish and smooth the coat for a gorgeous shiny finish.
  • Clean the delicate areas of the face.
  • Dry off sweat.
  • Spot clean stains and dirt marks.
  • So many uses and must for every grooming kit!

Cleaning Freya's face with the Towelette


These tools and brushes form part of the 6 piece set of the Wash & Groom Essentials Kit, not only are they perfect for sensitive horses, they are great items for every horse owner to have.  The included grooming bag keeps your brushes and tools organized, easy to see and access.  With the bags roomy interior you can easily fit everything else you use when grooming your horse.