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Say goodbye to the frustrations of cluttered and disorganized grooming kits and messy tack rooms with our smart storage solutions.

Mane & Stable products will help you stay organised, save time and keep your horse happy.

Whether prepping for a show or heading out on a trail ride, Mane & Stable products offer you the convenience and functionality to care for and keep your horse looking it’s beautiful dazzling best!

mane and stable wash and groom essentials kit

Our Product

Wash & Groom Essentials Kit

The ultimate horse grooming kit for a clean and polished look.  Includes Wash & Groom mesh organizer tote bag, hoof pick, curry/de-shedder, mane and tail brush, towelette and sponge.

 The grooming tote bag is designed to keep everything you need in one place, making your life easier.  It has numerous pockets so you’ll never fumble for a brush or bottle again!

Keep all your grooming gear organised and ready to use whenever you need it.

top tail care tips for a long thick tail

Top Tips For A Thick & Long Tail

Your horses tail thickness and length depends on four key factors: nutrition, environment, care and good genes. Here’s some top tips on how to grow and maintain a healthy lush tail on your horse:  Daily brushing of the dock stimulates

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Horse with salt lick

Signs Of Salt Deficiency In Horses

Salt is one of the foundations of life itself and horses don’t lick enough from salt licks to meet their daily requirements. Make sure your horse gets their quota of at least 2 heaped tablespoons in a daily feed and

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horse tail grooming and care

Top Tips To Care For Your Horses Tail

Tail care and grooming tips 1. Cut your horse’s tail when it’s dry Horses with soft waves or curls in their tails go straight when wet just like people with curly hair!  This means if you cut a wet tail

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About Us

Who We Are

Having a team of 4 grey horses that provided therapy sessions to clients for in the past 20 odd years and also enjoyed competing with, meant keeping the horses in show ready condition.

Frustrated with the task of constantly cleaning grooming bags that collected crud and ick at the bottom, and that stored grooming items in a jumbled mess.  We just knew there had to be a better way!

The Mane & Stable Wash & Groom bag was born. We trialed and refined the concept with our horses on our small farm in Queensland, Australia over many months.  

We just love how the bag is functional and durable without compromising on style. It keeps grooming tools organised and everything at your finger tips.  Is a joy to clean, easy to carry and travel with.   

We trust you will enjoy the exceptional quality and thoughtful design making the time you spend with your horse a seamless and enjoyable experience!



Our Specialties

At Mane & Stable, we pride ourselves on our unique specialties that set us apart in the equestrian industry. Here are some of the key aspects that make Mane & Stable special.


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