Discover The Best New Horse Grooming Tool For A Sleek Shimmering Sheen

We have been testing this powerful new horse grooming tool on our team of horses and so glad we did!  We have found it to be the absolute ‘bees knees’ when it comes to removing hair and dirt while providing the horse with a relaxing massage. Unlike traditional curry combs that can be quite hard and uncomfortable for a lot of horses, this awesome multi use grooming block is gentle and does its job well.  Now you can experience it’s wonders as an included item in the Wash & Groom Essentials Kit!

Here’s an overview of what this new grooming tool sensation has to offer:

A Coat that Shines:

A healthy and radiant coat is a reflection of a horse’s well-being, and the multi use horse grooming block can help achieve just that. By using this tool during grooming sessions, you can effectively remove loose hair, remove dirt and lift dust from deep in the fur. Then simply wipe the surface dust off with a cloth leaving the coat looking clean and lustrous. 💪🏼💜The block’s gentle massage-like action stimulates blood circulation like a traditional curry comb, promoting a healthy skin and a naturally vibrant coat. It’s a simple and effective way to enhance your horse’s overall appearance.

The Perfect Tool for Bath Time:

Washing horses can be a challenging endeavor, especially when it comes to spot cleaning stubborn stains or grime. Enter the grooming block! When used during bath time, this tool works wonders on removing stains, dirt and sweat from your horse’s coat. 🤗Its gentle exfoliating action helps lift away grime, leaving behind a refreshed and revitalized coat. The silicone block can be a reliable companion during your horse’s bath routine, making the process more efficient and enjoyable for both of you.

A Soothing Massage Experience:

Just like us, horses appreciate a good massage. 🦄This awesome grooming block can provide your equine friend with a relaxing and therapeutic experience. By using the block in circular motions over your horse’s body, you can stimulate their skin, increase blood flow, and help relieve tension.  The soft round silicone nodules make this the ideal tool for sensitive horses. This simple act of currying becomes an opportunity to bond with your horse while providing them with the gift of relaxation and contentment.

A Fur De-shedder Tool Extraordinaire:

Fur shedding season can be a nightmare to deal with.  By using this quick and easy tool daily to remove the winter coat, your horse will reveal a sleek and smooth summer coat in no time.  The grooming block not only removes excess hair from the horses coat, you can use it to quickly remove hair from saddle blankets and horse rugs.😎🌟

Considerations and Tips:

While the silicone grooming block is a fantastic tool, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Some horses may be more sensitive to its texture, so start with light strokes and gradually increase pressure as they become accustomed to it. Remember to clean the block regularly to remove hair and debris with a simple rinse with warm water and mild soap, followed by proper drying, will preserve the block’s integrity and optimize its performance.