Build Confidence In Yourself & Your Horse

A riders mentality can have huge and profound impacts in the way a horse behaves and moves.

Because a horse is a highly sensitive being, they can feel the slightest nuances of our touch, our thoughts and our emotions.

How we mentally present ourself around a horse dictates how we ride and interact with the horse and how the horse responds.

A rider that nags and has indecisive and doubtful thoughts can cause a horse to be confused, stubborn or obstinate.

A rider that is dull with slow thought processes can cause a horse to be inattentive, disinterested and lethargic.

A rider that has a lively, active and focused mind can cause a horse to listen, focus and engage.

A horses attitudes and habits for the most part will be determined by the riders mindset and actions!

Our mindset reflects in everything we do with our horses from grooming, trailer loading, leading et,.

Therefore it is imperative that we as riders strive to maintain a confident mentality so that when we ask a horse to do something they happily oblige.

Having a confident mentality requires effort and planning.

Decide what you want your horse to do, have it mapped out in your mind; how it will look and how you will ask. BEFORE asking your horse to do it.

Be fully committed to your plan before you begin.

When you do ask, your request will likely be clear and concise making it easy for your horse to do.

A confident mentality shows up as these qualities:

  • Committed
  • Focus
  • Organised
  • Thinking
  • Fair
  • Sets boundaries
  • Control of emotions
  • Fun, lighthearted attitude
  • Compassion

By staying aware of your mental state you will be building great lifelong habits for you and your horse.