How To Choose A Horse Grooming Bag That Will Be A Joy To Use

Discover what the top features are that makes a horse grooming bag a joy to own and use.

ūü§ĒWhat makes a grooming bag exceptional?

Mane and Stable horse grooming kit

‚ú®Durable Material: Strong premium quality mesh fabric (not plastic!), with sturdy handles that will ensure it stands the test of time being around horses.

‚ú®Ample Pockets: Eight outside pockets that are big enough to hold large bottles and brushes. You can organize your brushes and bottles to suit and always have them within easy reach.

‚ú®Water-Resistant: A Mesh fabric tote is perfect around horses as it doesn’t collect water and is quick and easy to clean and drip dry.

‚ú®Comfortable Handles: Easy grip comfort handles that won’t cut into your hands. A must have adjustable shoulder strap for hands free carrying and hanging up.

‚ú®Easy Access: Easy to see and find what you need, saving you the hassles and time to empty out the bag to find what you want.

‚ú®Interior Space: A roomy interior space that can accommodate all your favourite grooming brushes and tools together. Even holds a bucket as pictured for using at bath time!

The Wash & Groom Essentials Kit includes a premium grooming bag tote and hand picked essential brushes and tools that your horse will love!