Horse Grooming Brush With Copper Bristles | Premium Handmade Horse Body Brush Removes Light Dirt, Dust & Scurf | Conditions Polishes For Radiant Shine | Professional Equine Brush Tool For Your Kit…


The Mane & Stable Copper Bristle Brush is a handcrafted equine grooming tool isn’t just a brush, it’s a gateway to a radiant, healthy coat. Its secret? Flexible copper bristles that gently exfoliate at the skin level, removing dirt, dust and dander while stimulating circulation to promote healthy skin and coat.

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  • ⭐Dazzling Shine, Deep Clean: Imagine your horse with a coat so radiant, it reflects the sunlight like a mirror. Our flexible copper bristles gently exfoliate, reaching deep down to remove dirt, dander, and even stubborn winter grime. The result? A healthy, vibrant coat that begs to be stroked.
  • 🐎Double Bristle Power, Thorough Clean: Think of it as a team effort! The stiff polypropylene bristles tackle surface dirt and debris, while the flexible copper bristles reach deep to the skin level, removing hidden grime and dander. This double-bristle action ensures a truly thorough clean for a coat that shines from root to tip.
  • ⭐Gentle Touch, Stimulating Results: Forget harsh scrubbing and sore arms. Our copper bristles work like magic, massaging your horse’s skin and stimulating blood flow without causing discomfort. This gentle stimulation distributes the skins natural oils promoting a luscious, gleaming coat that’s not just beautiful, but healthy too.
  • 🐎Handmade Excellence, Effortless Grooming: Every brush is a handcrafted labor of love! The brush is made from natural wood and designed for both durability and comfort. The hand strap (is adjustable) ensures your hand sits securely in the brush, making even long grooming sessions a breeze. Say goodbye to tired arms and hello to effortless shine.
  • ⭐More Than Horses, Pamper Them All: Don’t let the name fool you! Our copper bristle brush works wonders on medium to thick-coated dogs, cats and goats too. Whether you have a majestic horse or a beloved pet, treat all your four-legged friends to a spa-worthy experience they’ll love.