The Multi-Tasking Curry Comb: Your Horse’s New Best Friend

If you want your horse’s coat to have that undeniable radiance that turns heads in the barn, consistent currying is key. The more frequently you curry, the more you’ll bring your horse’s natural skin oils to the surface of their coat, resulting in healthy, glossy perfection.

But not all curry tools are created equal when it comes to different coat conditions throughout the year. Using the right tool for the season makes the job easier and prevents potential irritation or damage to your horse’s coat and skin.

  • Winter currys:  Keeps the horses coat free from loose, matted or mud caked hair reducing the chance of irritating the skin.
  • Spring currys:  Can be doubled as a deshedding tool, or you can use a specific shedding tool like a shedding blade to remove the shedding winter coat.
  • Autumn currys:  As the horses coat gets ready for winter a rubber curry or shedding blade can do double duty in removing loose hair as well as the daily groom!
  • Summer currys: As the summer coat is finer a gentle rubber or soft silicone curry will fit the bill. If your horse is sensitive to touch or a bit tender use a curry with small soft rounded nodules.

The multi tasking curry is a must for every horse grooming kit as it can be used for:

  • Daily grooming
  • Removal of caked on dirt
  • After ride massage
  • Bath time
  • Deshedding loose hair

The Mane & Stable curry grooming block is a sensitive skin daily horse brush, shedding too and massager with soft rounded nodules your horse will love!