Top Tips For A Thick & Long Tail

Your horses tail thickness and length depends on four key factors: nutrition, environment, care and good genes.

Here’s some top tips on how to grow and maintain a healthy lush tail on your horse:

  1.  Daily brushing of the dock stimulates blood flow.
  2. Remove dandruff and dirt build up that can make the tail itchy.
  3. Use a stiff bristle mane and tail brush or dandy brush to reach the skin.
  4. Feed your horse high quality forage and the best quality supplements suited to your horses needs.
  5. Wash the tail with a gentle natural horse shampoo and conditioner to clean, detangle and soften the hair for a silky shine.  Ensure to fully rinse all the suds!
  6. Keep the tail braided or bagged to reduce the need for washing and handling. Note: Use caution with bagged tails by ensuring the bag is attached below the dock. (Never secure to the tail bone as it can cut of circulation) In the event it gets caught, it will easily release from the tail.
  7. Detangle a dry tail carefully starting at the bottom and work up the tail.  Use a detangling brush to reduce hair breakage and snagging.